The Culture

The De Volta ao Porto do Boi project has as an objective to restore the community faithful to its original state. The area having lost most of its facilities over the past years, one of our initial goal is to reconstruct the collapsed structures and revive the practices of the Pataxó Culture that used to happen under the roofs of their ocas. When opening its doors for visitors to experience the culture, the re-erected Cultural Centre of Porto Do Boi, will provide an initial source of income for the tribe, activate their culture and contribute to promote and share their knowledge. By restoring the heritage of their ancestors, the empowered community will be looking at a more sustainable future and surround themselves in spaces where their values are celebrated. Built essentially with local and sustainable materials in accordance with traditional local Pataxó construction techniques, the reconstruction will mark the importance of developing a centred lifestyle in harmony with nature and rooted in traditions.


The Values


Rooted at the core of the organisation is the inherent desire of sharing. Coming from a long tradition of generational transmission, the Pataxó values and culture still perdure today despite many historical obstacles. From rituals to construction techniques passing by richness of the language tradition, the legacy is still strong and full of significance in contemporary society. The project therefore aims at sharing these values for the widest audience and opening its doors for knowledge exchange with other cultures.



The Heritage

De Volta Ao Porto Do Boi aims at bringing sustainability for the community to its full potential. Developing self sustainable systems for the continuation of their tradition and values through time. A perennial structure for the maintenance of their lifestyle and the celebration of their history. The projects aims at developing self sustaining frameworks for food sourcing through the practice of agroforestry and ethical fishing and hunting and traditional construction through the practice of bio construction. A sustainable future with a self sustaining based economy will empower the community's independence to carry on their heritage.



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